Do dogs have sense of direction?

They sure do. Except this dog’s sense of direction was a bit off..

Meet Cooper, a Chihuahua-whippet mix.

Cody, 16, and Natalie Baetge, 7 of Sacramento, CA received cooper as a gift from his dying grandfather.

In another words, Cooper was a gift to remind the kids of the grandfather’s eternal love for them.

However, in 2009, Cooper went missing.

The Baetge family, however did not give up on the four legged family member.

After 2 years of searching, Cooper was FINALLY found. (Thanks to microchip ID.)

Where? Brandon, FL!


What’s the moral of the story here?

If things go bad, have FAITH and NEVER give up.

Even if thing look hopeless and the world looks like it’s about the crumble, just look at your dog.

Your dog isn’t worried, sad, or nervous. Your dog is happy to be alive, ready to play, laugh, and love.

Look up. Things WILL get better.

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