PawshPal’s hope & prayer goes out to all the victims of the tornado, their friends, and their families.

Unless you live in a cave, by now you’ve heard of the series of lethal tornadoes that ripped through the south.

In fact, according to the National Weather Service, there were 266 tornadoes in 24 hour period.

Despite all the destruction, anguish, sadness, and misery, life found a way.

1) These two dogs were literally AIRBORNE because of the strong winds and were separated from their owners. The story had a happy ending with a reunion BACK with their owners.


2) This one will make you go “awwww”.

Three puppies were under a pile of debris that actually kept them safe.


Their names? Lucky, Miracle, and Twister:


Wow, mother nature looked out for these dogs. Like the dog that got saved by dolphins and the dogs that were saved in Japan’s earthquake.


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