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Remember Patrick?

A near-dead starving 1 year old pit bull they found in trash compactor of a 22nd story building in New Jersey?

(If not, click here to read the story first)

Well, they found the owner – Kisha Curtis, a 28 year old from Newark, NJ – and charged her with two criminal counts and two civil counts.

Her punishment?

Up to six months in jail or a $1,000 fine and community service if convicted.

Note… this is IF convicted.

The judge will probably give her the fine option sine it COSTS money to keep a petty criminal like this in jail as opposed to collecting a $1,000 from her.

We digress, that’s not the point.

We’re talking about the measly $1,000 fine for someone who left an animal like this:

Is $1,000 fine high? Perhaps.

But it’s not the amount, but RELATIVE amount of the fine that sends the message.

For example…

In Los Angeles, you get a $1000 fine if you are found carrying silly string during certain times:

In 2008, a woman was fined $1,000 for spray painting her poodle pink:

In Georgetown, SC, a feral cat caretaker received a $1,000 fine for FEEDING them. (yes, the irony will never stop)

You starve and weaken a dog to a point where his body temperature doesn’t REGISTER on the thermometer, throw him down a trash chute of a 22nd story building,… and you receive the same $1000 fine.

Where is the justice in this?

This wasn’t the first time the justice failed for animal cruelty. Remember the girl who threw not one, not two, but a WHOLE bunch of puppies into the river? She was fined only $6,400.

What do you think? Are we overreacting?

What IS the proper punishment for this horrible crime against an innocent animal that only wanted to be loved?

Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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46 Responses to Owner of Starving Dog Found in Trash Compactor Charged

  1. sondra says:

    One Thousand dollars??!! One thousand dollars for starving, abusing and mistreating a living breathing being?!! This is beyond brutal. This is monstrous and she should be jailed for at least one thousand days and given only bread and water for food!! Other than shooting the bitch, I have no other thoughts9WELL i HAVE MANY, MANY THOUGHTS but I will not lash out in a public forum!!

  2. Lydia Buitenwerf says:

    The women who did this should never be able to own another pet for the rest of her life. I would make her pay for all his vet bills and make her do 5000 hours of community work. what she did was disgusting to starve any animal to this state is inhumane and just plain cruel. If you can’t afford to feed your pet find it a new home or take it to the spca your self, it’s better than starving it to death.

  3. Becky says:

    I’m furious!! that’s why people do so many things, because they know they can get away with it.

    This is cruelty and inhumane. She knew what she was doing, I would love to just keep her a few days without eating to see how she likes it!!!

  4. This women should be fined $10,000 and spend the next 6 months picking up dog doodoo in parks, also clean out dog kennels. Ban her from every owning a dog for the rest of her life.

  5. laura says:

    This is just more proof of the imbalances of our justice system. Personally I think that it is equivalent to attempted or just murder because they are dependent on our love and care.

  6. Pam McInnes says:

    What would be the punishment for her?

    How about starving her and then throwing her in the garbage to die?

  7. tanya fryer says:

    This rotten example of a human being, wasting oxygen… should suffer the same fate as her victim! starve her!!!! till shes sees nothing but DEATH! make her suffer! and I’m being “light” on this.

  8. Constantina Alexopoulos says:

    If we don’t increase the fines and punishments for this sort of crime then we are guilty as well for not protecting these animals from abusive people.
    This needs to be addressed with the courts and laws need to be changed. Or this will not change and we are doing little to protect these poor loving creatures.

  9. Sara Fugate says:

    Let’s just starve the bitch that did it. Eye for an Eye.. that’s how I see it.

  10. Dana says:

    Before making comparisons to the Croatian girl who threw the puppies in the river, bear in mind that while $6400 is chump change for many in the US, in Croatia, that is the equivalent of 6 years annual income – and that as a 12 year old, she has no way to earn that money, so her parents will have to pay it. It is a HUGE fine in her country.

    I think the appropriate punishment would be to starve the offender and toss her down a garbage shute.. but in lieu of that, fine her the equivalent of 6 years wages.

  11. Crystal says:

    No you are not over-reacting. This was a deplorable way to treat any animal and I’m amazed the poor dog survived.

    Any punishment dealt should match the heartless way she treated her dog.

  12. Donna Sweeney says:

    Good, good, good, Thank God, at least They found the person who did this.

    What about $1000 a month 4 a full year plus jail time, which can come first really.

    She should never own another animal period 4 life.

    Ya, the justice system does suck, all over the world really.
    It’s a joke & very discusting.

    Give Her the death penalty like She did 2 poor Patrick, I like that idea ;@)

  13. Laraine Mitchell says:

    WOW……this just gets better. I thought that any cruel action against an animal is 5 years in jail…..I guess I was way off. This woman should be done away with, maybe send her to Afganistan, she can be a look out for on-coming gunfire. As for having her work any where near any…no way. Would you allow a Pediphile to work at a nursery???
    She is not even fit to walk the streets to pick up trash. She is trash, and a mighty big heap of it.

  14. Kim Chatterley says:

    I think they should treat animal abuse just like crimes against humans. Maybe that would make some think twice.

  15. This kind of thing should never happen. IT’S DISGUSTING that she will just get a fine and a slap on the wrist. She should be sentenced to the same thing she put that poor dog through. She should SUFFER for the rest of her life for this. These are the kind of people that should be locked up for life or put to death.

  16. Betty S. says:

    I was actually sick to my stomach when I watched the video of this poor dog. They give us unconditional love and this is how they are treated by some of our 2 legged animals (meaning humans of course). If I had my way, whoever does this to any animal, should be made to suffer the same consequences and then should be fined millions as well as never being able to be around or own another animal of any kind. I feel they should also do some jail time as they would if they did this to a human. I have never been so disgusted as I was over this matter.

  17. Heather O'Brien says:

    She should never be able to own another animal, if she has children they should be taken away from her and she should be evaluated to see if she is fit to care for her children. She should be fined MUCH more than $1,000, she should have to do 5,000 hours of services cleaning up dog crap, and this should be after she serves at least 6 months in jail. More judges and communities need to realize that people who do things like this to animals initially end up abusing humans in some way too. In my eyes the abuse to the animal is horrible enough for punishment. But to make the rest of the world who may not be animal lovers understand how serious this is, it should clearly be stated somewhere that these people cannot be trusted by the whole community. This is appalling and disgusting and this person should disserves the worst. People like this make me sick!

  18. Heather O'Brien says:

    P.S. the people who found and are caring for this poor dog are Angels. We all thank you for everything you have done and will continue to do.
    THANK YOU!! <3

  19. christie says:

    What a heartless bitch? I know what I would do to her, see how she likes it. He was probably really loyal to her too..I can’t understand the human race at times..

  20. Kate says:

    Personally, I think the punishment should fit the crime. Every time.

  21. Sherri says:

    Every breathing thing on this earth is a creature of God. We are suppose to respect of living things. And it is a sin to mistreat one of Gods Creatures like that. This woman i am sure will spend some time in hell for what she did. I know God is watching, and i am thankful that he was helped. I hope he finds a really good home.

  22. Laurrette Lavallee says:

    Did not get enough punishment for what she did and if I was God she would get same faith but worse the world is going crazy look at the abuse and slaughter of animals unbellevable

  23. Sherri says:

    And in regaurds to my earlier comment, the justice system is flawed. There should be greater punishment for something like this. This woman deserves more than jail time and more than 1000 dollar fine, she deserves to have to do more than both jail and 1000 fine. And she should never be allowed to own another pet as long as she lives. I have a parrot named Dewly and he is my life and i can not imagine him hurting at all ever. I would go out of my way for him and spend thousands to protect him or get him medical help if he needed it. And it breaks my heart to see someone do like that to an innocent little puppy!

  24. Jane Capsis says:

    I think the owner should spend a year in jail at hard labor and fed just enough to keep her alive to face her punishment. Don’t tell me it would be against her civil rights – she has no rights. Anyone that would do this to an animal will do it to a human. Lock her up and throw away the key.

  25. Melissa says:

    I agree that the penalty is way to lenient for the crime. There should be much stiffer punishments for all cases of animal abuse. As much as I would like to eleminate these types of waste of oxygen I don’t think that is a realistically enforcable punishment, at least by our governments standards cause I know we could do it. What I would like to see as a step in the right direction is a much larger fine in addition to them having to pay all the rehabilitation cost of the animal at a very inflated rate. Having to also pay the cost of maintaining the animal properly for the rest of its natural life. Having them prevented from ever being trusted to care for another living creature. Community service and other punishments should also be enforced. I personally do not want my tax dollars going to pay for her comfy jail cell and three squares a day for six months. I think she should spend time confined in the same way that she treated that poor baby dog.

  26. alyssa says:

    omg lady y would u do sumthing like that 2 a puppy HUH?!?! DO U WANT ME TO COME SMACK SOME SENCE INTO U. well i think she sould be fined a lot more like 10,000 or 15,000

  27. Clara says:

    I think what cruelty a person does to an innocent animal they should have the same thing done to them. This crap about a fine is just more cruelty to the animal, it says do what you want to an animal and nothing will happen to you. Where is the justice for these poor animals that just want love.

  28. Leanne says:

    So she not only starved him, she threw him down 22 stories?? PP – where is Patrick now. I’m coming from Canada to get him!

  29. Susan Johnson says:

    The “owner” should have her income (welfare or job) garnished to pay for the care of the dog for the remainder of his life….even when he is adopted into a loving home. The owner is a waste of space!

  30. Isabella says:

    ‎********What I find “funny”, is that BEFORE we learned who the culprit of this massive cruelty was,we all just sort of assumed it was guy. We all talked about how bad “he” was, and what should happen to “him”. Obviously,though just a capab…le of being cruel,we just sort of assume that a woman could not have that in her,to be so very cruel. It just struck me,as I just assumed the same thing. Women are more nurturing by nature. HOWEVER, if you look at some recent cases that stand out- the girl who threw all the puppies into the cold river,the woman who came across a cat while walking by,and scooped it up,and threw it in the trashcan,leaving it there all day,until the owners finally found it,luckily,before it perished. Or the Asian woman who was on youtube (not sure if it is still there,I saw it,it was the worst thing ever),who was taped calmly taking an adorable kitten,and crushing it with her spike heels,first putting the heel into the cats eyes,and crushing it,then took 10 minutes to brutally torture and stomp on the cat,before it finally died. And now,this case. My point of this horribly cruel trip down memory lane,is show that in recent times, WOMEN seem to be the aggressors,not only towards others,but also towards animals. What the hell is happening in our current culture? Yes,both men and women are culprits of animal cruelty. But it seems as though women are increasingly becoming more angry,more cruel,my sociopathic then ever before. I really would like to give my opinion,on what I think should happen to her,but that would be futile,and just spread more hate. Yes,I hate what that woman did,and yes, I’d like to see this woman pay,very,very dearly for her crime. But perhaps the focus should be more about how to spread the word,and PREVENT this,rather than getting so angry and spewing more hatred about how we would like to see her punished,when those punishments are not going to happen anyway. This woman needs some major help. And in my opinion,part of her “punishment”,should be some serious therapy,mandated by the court. Most animal abusers do so,in order to gain a feeling of control over another living thing,animals,being an easy,but innocent target. She needs to find where this need is coming from. Also,I think it should be,and probably will be,mandated by the court that she no longer owns any animals,at least for a long time anyway.

  31. Laura Alejandre says:

    starve the f…ckin bitch to death, she doesn’t deserve to live

  32. Lisa Javorchik says:

    I wish that we could STARVE her and throw her away like garbage,humans disgust me i cant even give her that title.We definitely need way stiffer punishment in this country.(what a joke). KARMA is a bitch she will get hers.

  33. TraceyMush says:

    Our laws to protect animals and punish abusers are ridicules. That someone can take a living sentient being, the dog, keep him in a cage, l’m sure he was caged, and STARVE him to the point of DEATH and then throw him down a 20 story garbage chute is OBSCENE. She needs her photo plastered all over the news and the Internet. She needs to suffer some real consequences. She should be in jail for six measly months no matter the cost to the system. Let the other inmates beat the crap out of her. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Melody says:

    This horrid, disgusting excuse for a human being should be hogtied and left in a porta-potty to starve! sheesh!

  35. pat says:

    The sight of Patrick made my heart sick. Yes this woman needs to make amends. The fine is ridiculously insignificant and time in jail just as feeble. If there is a lawyer or judge out there reading this … how about community service that includes talking to children and peers. Teaching her empathy for life, and those she speaks to, too. It should be public. It should be mandatory that amends be made. It should not cost the public coffers a dime.

  36. Maribel says:

    People like this should be treated the same way they treated thier victim even if the victim is an animal.. They should be locked up in prison cell and starved. No water no food. So she can feel what that poor animal felt. So she can have a slow death. No fine, thats a joke, cause no money will bring that poor animal’s spirit back. Hope he comes back from this..Hope he’s next home will truly Love him the way he truly deserves to be Loved.

  37. Michele Saint Laurent says:

    $1,000 or 6mths….let’s see just punishment for what she did. Let’s starve her to death and than throw her down a garbage compactor. Only difference, let’s not save her. Might as well stop her now after all she starved a dog next she will do the same to her kids.

  38. Cee Cee says:

    She should get more, add on the medical bill, the care pay, and whoever adopts this baby, she has to pay everything for this pit till the pit passes!!!!

  39. Irene says:

    I agree this a horrible crime; however, I’m appalled at comments saying that the same should be done to her. Get a gripe and come up with something that makes more sense.

  40. kim says:

    So who is the woman? Where did this happen? The woman who did this is pure evil.

  41. Roberta Fehr says:

    If this case involved a child the courts would know exactly what to do but animals are not giving the same respect. Animals do so much for their owners by giving us unconditional love and they only ask to be feed and loved in return. I am wondering if this woman suffers from some mental illness or addict that would cause her to do this unforgivable action to another living creature. Or is our society getting so sick and deranged that this is now acceptable behaviour?
    Jails don’t help to rehabilitate this criminals but maybe a lot of community service and higher fines maybe the only course of action. Without just laws and consequences we will never know. For some people these actions are considered normal so that is where we need to start to figure out why that is. If we ever want any chance of stopping this and other bizarre habits of the human condition we need to act now.

  42. Desiree Penman says:

    i looked this woman up on facebook. she works in porn, and looks like a pig in heat, to put it nicely.

  43. Denise says:

    I’m going to keep imagining that the judge… or that someone working on this case is able to arrange for her to spend a loooong time in jail or owe $40,000 for this or both. And I’m going to keep that happy image in my head until it comes to pass.

  44. sherri says:

    i think they should charge them the way would charge anyone with attempted murder or murder because animals have 4 legs and a small brain means they are not as important. they are just as important as humans it makes me sick these people animals trust humans to take care of them because they cant take care of themselves. its disgusting

  45. Nina says:

    Thats horriable they r living also, I pry for that poor dog no one should go tho that…I wish we had a president that cared about animal cruelty

  46. Tina says:

    This is another slap on the wrist for animal abuse. This woman should have to pay for this poor dogs vet care and also do community service at a shelter so she can see all the hard work and dedication that goes in to saving these poor animals from people like her. Then she should be banned from future pet ownership.

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